About this site | そう備忘録

About this site

This site

A reminder to remember what I’ve done.

I’m blogging in the hope that it will be helpful to others who want to do similar things.

I mainly write blogs about Lego, AWS (Amazon Web Services), WordPress, RaspberryPi, and Deep Learning.

At work, I’m working on installing collaborative robots and IoT in factories.

I passed the JDLA (Japan Deep Learning Association) Deep Learning for GENERAL in July 2019.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section at the bottom of the article or in the questions forum.

Environment of this blog


AWS(Amazon Web Services)EC2


Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS(HVM)64Bit

Upgrade to 18.04 LTS in June 2020.














Various tests

I’ve never been interested in certifications or examinations, but now that I’m not going out as much due to the COVID-19, I thought I’d use the time to study, so I took a few online examinations.

The following is a list of the certifications that I have completed, in chronological order.

Deep Learning for GENERAL 2019#2

  • Published by: Japan Deep Learning Association
  • Acquisition date: July 2019
  • To test whether the candidate has the basic knowledge of deep learning, and has the ability and knowledge to determine an appropriate utilization policy and utilize it in business.


NVIDIA Getting Started AI on Jetson Nano

  • Published by: NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute
  • Acquisition date: 2020年12月
  • Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano.


First AI

  • Published by: Google
  • Acquisition date: December 2020
  • Questions on basic knowledge of AI

Google AI入門

Singularity Battle Quest

  • Published by: Singularity Battle Quest Executive Committee
  • Acquisition date: December 2020
  • Two basic questions for each quest from the actual questions asked in the first round of the Singularity Battle Quest 2020 competition, consisting of five areas: AI Quest, Cyber Quest, Data Quest, Robot Quest, and X Quest.