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How to change the font in the Arduino IDE

Fonts in Arduino IDE

An article on changing the font of the Arduino IDE, the development environment for Arduino and ESP32, from the default.

Before changing the font, I changed the background color to dark color.

Please refer to this article for that time.

Changing the font

Edit the preferences.txt file, which is located in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Arduino15 by default.

Find the following entry.


The default font was Monospaced with a size of 12, so I changed the font to Consolas, which I am used to using, with a size of 13.


Before and after comparison

The left is the font before the change, and the right is the font after the change.

The size is a little larger and easier to read, and I personally like the Consolas font because of the diagonal lines on the number zero.

Change the font

This concludes this article.


I hope this article will be useful to someone somewhere.

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