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Button to recover Raspberry Pi from stopped state

Recovery button from shutdown

In order to boot the OS again after shutting down on the Raspberry Pi, it is necessary to turn off the power supply from the USB and then turn it back on.

For this reason, the USB connector for power supply that comes with the Raspberry Pi set often has a switch on it.

Return button from stop state


  1. Shut down the Raspberry Pi.(Power is being supplied to the Raspberry Pi.)
  2. Turn off the switch for power supply.
  3. Turn on the switch for power supply.

The Raspberry Pi will start up again by following the steps in

I saw an article that said if you connect the GPIO3 and GND of the Raspberry Pi for a short time when it is in the state 1. above, the OS will boot (recover from the stop), so I decided to give it a try.

Connection method

The connection method is as follows.

Connect GPIO3 to GND using a switch with A-contact (which turns on when the switch is pressed).

No programming or configuration to the Raspy is required.

Recovering from the Raspberry Pi Stopped

Tested environment

I tried it on a Raspberry Pi 4B and confirmed that after shutting down, pressing the button will boot the OS again.

the end

This concludes this article.


I hope this article will be useful to someone somewhere.

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